Skills Challenges

Skills Challenges

Step 1. Print off the ASI Skills Vault Challenge list.
Step 2. Put your skills to the test and see how they stack up against our monthly challenges!
Step 3. As you successfully complete each challenge mark the date you completed it.
Step 4. Tag us on Instagram to receive feedback on your video.
Step 5. Challenge a Friend!

Skills Challenges
  • ASI Skills Vault Challenge Explanation

  • ASI Skills Vault Degree of Difficulty

    Click for PDF breakdown -

    Each of the 4 main categories is comprised of deliberate skill progressions to help players reach their full potential. Start at the lowest level and work your way up. Look for the degree...

  • 50 Puck Challenge

    Set up 50 pucks in a straight line about 6 inches apart. Stickhandle between the pucks as fast as you can while you progress forward. Be careful not to touch any pucks, if you hit a puck, restart!

  • Saucy Pants Challenge

    Saucer pass 15 consecutive forehand sauce passes over and obstacle. If you want to make it tougher, put something on the other side of the obstacle to aim and hit!

  • Target Acquired Challenge

    Hit 3 targets with 3 different types of shots.

  • Bottle Rocket - Challenge

    Using any shot you desire, knock the water bottle (size of your choice) off the top of the net!

  • Around The World Challenge

    Picking the puck up on your stick with your forehand and/or backhand, complete 1 full rotation by turning your hands over. Be careful, don't let the puck touch the ground.

  • The Flipper Challenge

    Using your forehand, flip 1 puck onto the top of the net and using your backhand, flip 1 puck on top of the net!

  • The Stick Flip

    Using your forehand and backhand, flip the puck over a hockey stick or object and control it on the other side (10 consecutively).

  • Crossbar Challenege

    With any type of shot, hit the crossbar 3 consecutive times.

  • The Great 8 Challenge

    Complete as many figure 8's as you can in 30 seconds. Once you finish, post your score in the comment section below or tag us on Instagram @ASIFutureLeaders to receive feedback. Don't forget to check this off your Skills Vault Challenge Sheet.

  • Staaling for You - April Challenge